Gare do Oriente & Vasco da Gamma Shopping Centre
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Gare do Oriente & Vasco da Gamma Shopping Centre

Gare Do Oriente station, an architectural marvel by Santiago Calatrava, stands as a testament to modern design and functionality. Serving as a pivotal travel hub in Lisbon's Parque das Nações, it seamlessly integrates glass, steel, and concrete, echoing nautical themes from Expo'98. More than just a train station, it intersects urban and inter-regional railway lines, a metro line, and a coach terminal, connecting national and international destinations. Located a mere 2.5km (1.5 mi) from Lisbon's international airport, it offers convenient access to the city centre and the surrounding area.

Adjacent lies the Vasco da Gama shopping centre, offering diverse shopping and dining options. Explore this architectural gem, immerse yourself in its contemporary design, and experience the bustling energy of one of Lisbon's busiest transportation hubs.

Gare Do Oriente Station

Gare Do Oriente - Platform

Gare Do Oriente - Train Platform

Gare Do Oriente - Platform

Gare Do Oriente - Bus Station

The Estação do Oriente is Portugals most busiest station by volume although congestion is rare thanks to good crowd management design and a clear signage. The complex is composed of five levels with the metro station on the lower floor and the train platforms on the upper. Theres ample baggage lockers found on the top level if you're waiting for a connection and have time to go exploring.


Portuguese trains are generally very good, punctual, comfortable and air conditioned. CP — Comboios de Portugal was nationalised in 1975 and saw several line closures in the '80s and '90s. Whats left is in the process of being modernised and, in many places, electrified. There various type of services on Portugals rail network:
• Urbano - These are local or urban trains that serve the Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas. To travel on these urban trains you should use the citys electronic smart card systems. The Coimbra - Figueira da Foz line is also considered an urbano.
•  Regional – Operate local services further out that the Urban trains within the Lisbon and Porto regions calling at all stops.
•  Inter-Regional – A mid-range train service that only stops at certain stations en-route between two regions.
•  Intercidades – A fast long-distance intercity service that operate out of Lisbon and Porto.
•  Alfa Pendular – Portugal's high-speed national service that runs between Lisbon and Porto, Braga or Guimarães - passing through Coimbra, Aveiro along the way. There are also service to Faro.
•  International – There are service run by other train companies to Spain and France. Renfe Trenhotel is a comfortable night train service.
CP – Trains of Portugal Website & Timetables

Bus Station

The bus and coach station at Estação do Oriente manages services from an array of operators both national and international. For the uninitiated finding your way around can be a little challenging so you should allow yourself plenty of time to find the correct bus stop before departure.

Although Portugal's largest national coach service runs some services out of Gare do Oriente, Rede Expressos has it's main terminal at Sete Rios (opposite Lisbon zoo):
Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado - Estrada Das Laranjeiras, 1500-423, Lisbon.
38° 44' 29.8" N | 09° 10' 02.7" W

Centro Vasco da Gama

Admittedly when in Lisbon and Portugal, surrounded by so many great things to see and do, a trip to the mall is not usually on my to-do list. That said, there are many reasons why someone may choose to spend some time at the Centro Vasco da Gama shopping centre. For one, it lies between the station and the attractions of the Parque das Nações on the river's edge. Actually avoiding it will lead to a detour. Portugal does shopping centres very well. They make a great bolt-hole when the sun gets too hot and there are always international brands on show, such as C&A, H&M, Bershka and Mango, as well as, interesting home-grown enterprises. A total of 160 shops sit beneath the complex's interesting glass roof. A constant gush of water flows between two panes of glass, complementing the nautical theme of the Expo'98.

On the top floor, there's a great food hall that caters for all diets, budgets and appetites. In the basement there's a large. supermarket which is ideal if you're staying in self-catering accommodation close by. There's a multiplex cinema and gym for your entertainment. There's a viewing gallery that overlooks the Parque das Nações and the river beyond. This gives you ample opportunity to gather your bearings and take some wonderful scenic photos.
Centro Vasco da Gama, Avenida Dom João II 40, Parques das Nações, Lisbon.
38° 46' 03.8" N | 09° 05' 49.5" W
+351 218 930 600 | |  Website
Centro Vasco da Gama - Shopping Centre

Centro Vasco da Gama - Shoppin Centre