Elevador da Glória
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Elevador da Glória

Right next to the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara is the Glória Funicular or Elevador da Glória in Portuguese. It has been ferrying people up the steep hill to the Bairro Alto from Calçada da Glória just off the Praça dos Restauradores ever since 24th of October 1885. Originally powered by water displacement, then by steam before being electrified in 1915. Popular with visitors and locals alike the Elevador da Glória is the fun way to accend to the Bairro Alto day and night.


Glória Funicular
The Glória Funicular was Lisbon's second funicular and came into service on the 24th of October 1885. It climbs 275 metres (900ft) up a steep slope (Calçada da Glória) between the Praça dos Restauradores and the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara at the to. Although not the longest route the Elevador da Glória is certainly the busiest. It's used regularly by tourists and locals alike. It runs every twelve minutes at either end, beginning at 07h15 on weekdays, 08h45 on Saturdays and 09h15 on Sunday. Last services are at 23h55 on weekdays and Sundays, and 00h25 on Saturdays.

As part of Lisbon's attempts to discourage destructive graffiti part of the route is a sponsored street art gallery. Seven panels were installed in 2008 as a challenge to street artists to exhibit their talents legally. Sadly Lisbon's funiculars continue to be easy targets for graffiti taggers.

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Funiculars first appeared in Lisbon in the late nineteenth century with the opening of the Ascensor do Lavra in 1884. The Glória Funicular opened a year later. As with all Lisbon's funiculars, it was designed by the Portuguese engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard. Initially, the city's funiculars were powered by a water counterbalancing system and then steam-powered soon after. They finally became electrified in 1915. Their brown livery changed to yellow in 1926 after Carris acquired operating rights to all Lisbon's transportation.

Visitor Information

Weekdays: 07h15 – 23h55, Saturdays: 08h45 – 00h25, Sundays: 09h15 – 23h55
Bought from driver: €3.80 return
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Glória Funicular